our craft beer

The significant growth in the number of craft breweries in our region and around North America over the last ten years has led to the phenomenon being dubbed the “craft brewing renaissance”. In 1970, there were two craft breweries in North America, and today that number is estimated to be in excess of 3,000!

Craft brewed products are attracting a consumer who wants a taste experience that is different from the mass-produced beverages which they regard as being bland. These consumers are different from a traditional beer drinker – they don’t necessarily want to drink large quantities of refreshing beer, they prefer to drink smaller quantities of interesting and unique beer.

Consumers are interested in knowing how and why one product varies from another. With the growing number of craft brewed brands available, there is a great deal of product differentiation and an element of new interest in our beer industry, which is also attracting more female consumers.

“Craft Brewing” is a generic term used to describe the production of full-flavoured beers brewed in small batches using traditional brewing processes. It is generally accepted that “true” craft beers are brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516, whereby the craft brewer uses only natural ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and water. There are no additives, preservatives or adjuncts involved in the brewing process and the final product is generally cold filtered.  The outcome tends to be a more full-bodied, flavourful product with a distinctive taste, and is considered to be a handcrafted product of exceptional high quality. This is the Downeast Beer Factory experience.

Wylde Mylde Blonde Ale 4% ABV
What should a craft beer be? Let’s start with what it shouldn’t be: scary or intimidating. We don’t believe you should have to fear beer in order to appreciate a fine, hand-crafted ale. Wylde Mylde Blonde Ale will put you at ease.

So, what should craft beer be? Well, “refreshing” comes to mind. This creation from the Downeast Beer Factory is perfectly-carbonated, balanced, golden, crisp, and yes, refreshing.

With a touch of Vienna malt biscuit-character thrown in, this beer is a little bit familiar and a little bit new. And at 4% ABV (alcohol by volume), it is quite “sessionable” with your friends on a sunny patio.

Fiddler’s Irish Red Ale 4.5% ABV
You simply cannot separate “Downeasters” from traditional music. Ballads, jigs & reels have shaped the East Coast landscape right alongside the first settlers who brought the music like the clothing on their backs. Much like the music, this ale is as comfortable on a Saturday night out as it is sharing at a Maritime “kitchen party”.

Fiddler’s Irish Red Ale is music in a glass; the mash paddle our bow. With a smooth malty intro, a crescendo of carbonation, and a subtle honey finale, you’ll agree that the ingredients sing in perfect harmony.

Game Changer IPA 6% ABV
Downeasters are a proud lot. Fierce competitors on the ice or pitch, we back down from no challenge. What makes us strong? We don’t claim to be the biggest, the boldest, or the fastest. We win because we know how to strike a balance between all three. It is through this same philosophy that we merge malt, hops and fire to bring to life this compellingly flavourful and aromatic IPA. Now that’s a Game Changer.