brewing faqs

Where do you get your ingredients?

We source our ingredients from the top malt and hop suppliers in the world. The malts in our current line-up of beers are from Western Canada, the USA, England, and Germany. Our hops are cultivated on the USA west coast, one of the best hop growing climate anywhere.

Are your beers pasteurized or filtered?

None of our beers are pasteurized. Filtration, occasionally and quite unjustly, gets bad press from craft beer circles. Some of our beers, where pertinent to the style, such as Wylde Mylde, are filtered. Others, where bold flavours and a cloudy appearance are more appropriate, are not.

Are your beers vegan?

They are not. Most breweries, including our own, use a product called Isinglass as a clarifying aid. Isinglass is powdery substance made from fish.

Do your beers contain GMO ingredients?

Yes they do. Most people have a poor understanding of what GMO actually means, and as a result, an even poorer impression of it. I suspect that many people imagine GMO as equivalent to “irradiation” or some similar horror. Genetic modification is, and has for hundreds of years, been a critical component of brewing. Modern brewing exists because of the efforts of cross-breeding programs to select the best traits and disease-resistance in hops, malts and other grasses specifically-selected for brewing. All cultivars and cross-pollination is genetic modification. Without GMO technology, we would not have the dozens of hops varieties that craft brewers use today to come up with new and exciting flavour characteristics.

How many calories do your beers have?

Our beers are crafted by hand, and brewed in as traditional a way possible. Although loaded with beneficial minerals, they, as such, are not calorie-reduced. Some are brewed drier, and a 12oz beer will carry roughly 160 calories. For those that are meant to have a hint of residual sweetness, they’ll be in or around the 200 to 260 calorie range for 12 oz. I understand the needs and benefits of, and fully support a healthy lifestyle. Craft beer is a treat. As a craft brewer, I create beers to deliver a positive experience to all 5 senses. I’m all about quality over quantity. To maintain that healthy lifestyle, I’d choose moderation of high quality over excessive consumption of low quality any day.